2023: Can You Feel The Difference?

Monday, 13 February 2023
2023 promises to be an exceptional year. At our Commencement Service last week we welcomed our brilliant new staff-members who complement the rest of our outstanding team. This is the year when you will notice so many improvements and the positivity is clearly evident. I have outlined our 2023 focus areas below.
John Robinson

John Robinson



Investigator teachers work in partnership with you and will keep you regularly informed of your child’s progress. Our new Learning Management System (Schoolbox) will mean that no parent will receive a surprise at Parent-teacher interviews and you will be equipped to take an active interest in your child’s education.
Information about how to login to Schoolbox linked below:

Community Engagement

While we are still taking precautions to reduce the transmission of COVID, Investigator is moving full-steam ahead this year with community events that have been restricted since 2020.

Hopefully if you missed the beginning of year coffee morning or ‘Dogs In the Quad’ today, you will be able you join us at Sports Day, Open Day, the P&F Bonfire or one of our many 2023 events. Our P&F plays a vital role here and during Term 4, 2022, we appointed Liam Hensel as our Director of Marketing and Community Engagement.

21st Birthday Celebration

Happy birthday, Investigator! Big events are being planned to commemorate the College’s significant achievements and to celebrate its exciting future, including some tremendous new facilities in our Masterplan. More details will be provided in future editions.

Old Collegians

We want all Old Collegians and past parents to feel a strong, ongoing connection with Investigator and, accordingly, Liam will be seeking the details of Old Collegians from each year to assist with reunion – and other – invitations.

Modernisation of the Curriculum

We value and respond to feedback and it is clear that our curriculum needs to further embrace the best of 21st century learning, as well as utilise the benefits of our BYOD program which now begins from Year 7. Our newly appointed, highly regarded Curriculum leaders, Katie Hills and Glyn Roberts, along with several new faculty heads, are driving improvement as we move from good to great. These are exciting times.

Service Learning

In the words of Shirley Chisholm, “Service is the rent we pay for the privilege of living on this earth.” We are so lucky and it feels good to be kind and give back. In 2023 all students will be involved in a service learning project.

Positive Education

Our leading work in this important area will continue, including the programs of fellow-Anglican College, Geelong Grammar School. As parents, please feel free to get involved. This focus on wellbeing enable us to truly be our best selves. Have you taken the free VIA strengths test to discover your own character strengths?  (

Revival of our House system

Sport is now huge at Investigator, yet it is just one aspect of House involvement. For example, last year many of you enjoyed the Junior School House singing. This year there will be greater inter-House and intra-House activities. Vertically groups Houses help build a sense of belonging, broaden friendship opportunities, offer leadership opportunities and provide a sense of purpose. In the meantime, please ensure that the Junior School Sports Day on 10 March and the Middle/Senior School Sports Day on 9 March are marked in your diaries of electronic calendars. Feel free to wear your colour!

Connections with leading schools and tertiary institutions

We want Investigator students to have the opportunities enjoyed by their city cousins but with the advantages of living in a beautiful seaside, regional locale. As an Anglican College, we have a brother-sister school arrangement with Adelaide’s best schools (St Peter’s Boys, St Peter’s Girls, Pulteney, Walford, St John’s, St Andrew’s, Trinity, St Peter’s Woodlands, Woodcroft and St Columba) and together we strive to ensure our students not only enjoy their school experience, but are poised for exceptional futures.

On behalf of our incredibly positive 2023 staff team, I welcome you to the 2023 school year and feel privileged to be sharing it with you.

John Robinson