Available to all existing and new families, the new arrangement will allow students and families to access supervised and programmed before and after school hours care each week day.

Beginning from 6.45am each morning, and available until 6.30pm each evening, it is anticipated that the new service arrangement – which will begin from Monday 7 November – will offer much needed reliability and support to families within the Investigator community, particularly those parents needing to commute to their places of work or business.

Head of Junior School, Nicholas Smith, commented on the new arrangement, and the benefits it will hold for working families:

“Responding to the needs of our parents and families, including our prospective new families, and providing a service that provides care before and after school is really important.”

“One of the best things about YMCA is the guarantee of staff – there will always be two staff available, so we can ensure that the service will be available for people every day during the school term. Parents who are working in Noarlunga or the city and need to be on the road early can do the school drop-off anytime from 6.45am and know that their children will be safe, supervised and looked after all the way until 6.00pm that evening. It’s going to be great having that reliability.”

One of the most trusted and successful providers of Outside School Hours Care services in Australia, YMCA operates on a collaborative model, which will see the service offered become an extension of the high quality of education delivered by Investigator College.

Employing highly trained and qualified staff, and a dedicated program which focuses on providing students with additional opportunities for play, social development and extra-curricular engagement, the intention of the new partnership is to cater for the developmental needs of students, in addition to providing dedicated and reliable before and after school care.

In addition to services before and after school, the YMCA will be offering a comprehensive school holiday/vacation care program, beginning in the forthcoming summer holidays. Bookings for both services are now open, and Investigator College encourages all families to consider using the OSHC.

“It’s a great move. YMCA has an excellent reputation and we’re excited to introduce its out of hours care services to Investigator.”

To learn more about Outside School Hours Care at Investigator College, or to book a place for your child, please visit: